About us

CIB was established in 1999. We are one of the oldest Insurance and reinsurance broker in Azerbaijan Insurance market. Over the years we have developed reliable relations with market leaders in this field and have the confidence of customers. Our success is built on long-term relationships, reliability, and quality of service. Many of our current customers have been with us from the very beginning. Since 2009 we have become JLT’s, one of the world’s leading insurance and reinsurance broker’s exclusive partner in Azerbaijan. Becoming JLT’s partner gave us an opportunity to widen our relations in terms of customers, to enter into quality insurance markets thus providing the local insurance companies with high-quality broking services.

CIB’s formal practice includes below services:

-                                  Advice on local insurance issues, including local legislation and practice, and similar issues

-                                  Negotiation of terms with suitable reinsurers and the preparation of summary of returns with qualified recommendations

-                                  Assistance in the selection of a local insurer

-                                  Placement of the Project insurances with reinsurers and with local insurer

-                                  Collection and distribution of insurance premiums to insurers/reinsurers

-                                  Assistance in the negotiation and settlement of insurance claims and the collection of claim fund from reinsurers and the insurer

-                                  Periodical meetings with the Project Company to monitor the Project insurance related risks and to review the continuing adequacy or otherwise of the project insurances



Established and licensed 1999

CIB becomes Heath Lambert Group partner 2000 - 2007

CIB becomes JLT’s exclusive partner 2009 – up to date

Type of insurance we’re dealing with:

We are also able to provide our clients with a Risk Management service and handle claims for our clients.

We front insurance coverage on behalf of corporate brokers of multinational companies if local documentation  is required to be issued.

Placing several classes of insurance (e.g. Medical Insurance, Personal Accident and Motor) with local companies, we provide our clients with an overview of the local insurance market enabling the, to understand the strengths and weakness of each option they may select.

During 15 years we have very good relations and current mutual activity in direct insurance and reinsurance with major players at the market. For many of insurance companies we have been participating also as reinsurance brokers to place their facultative business and reinsurance facilities.


CIB startedretail operations

more than50happy clients


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