Property insurance provides protection against most risks to property, such as fire, theft and some weather damage. As per Compulsory Insurance Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated 24.06.2011 it is obligatory to purchase the immovable property insurance which covers following risks:

  • Fire, lightning, explosion (gas used in household and industrial), short circuiting of the electrical lines;
  • explosion of boiler room, gas storage, gas pipelines, machinery, equipments and other similar facilities and equipments;
  • damage of water, heating, sewage pipes and fire control system;
  • flood
  • fall, emission, collision, breakage, spilliage of objects wholly or partially;
  • collision of cars;
  • natural disasters earthquake, volcanoes, storm, hurricane, hail, flood, torrent, rainfall, landslide;
  • damage caused by act of third parties;

Additional risks and coverage for the moveable property can be purchase by the means of Voluntary Property Insurance.

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