Caspian International Broking is an Insurance and Reinsurance Broking Company established and registered in 1999 making us among the oldest established insurance and reinsurance broking companies in Azerbaijan.

We have an excellent professional reputation within the market and after many years of partnership with Heath Lambert Group (49% shareholder till 2007), a major UK international broker based in London. Our broking team has gained excellent experience and training.

In 2003 CIB has started their retail operation and since then we are the leading brokers in the country.

Jardine Llloyd Thompson (JLT) and Caspian International Broking (CIB) joined forces in January 2009 with the aim for CIB to act as an exclusive network partner of JLT developing mutual activity in Central Asia and Caucasus region.


CIB startedretail operations


CIB to act asan exclusivenetwork partner of JLT