Increase in insurance market
31 june 2017 / http://fins.az/sigorta/923002/sigorta-bazarinda-artim-olub.html
Financial Markets' Supervision Association has declared the financial results of insurance market for january - april. According to Fins.az the latest figures shows the increase of market. In comparison with last year the premium income was 0.7% higher, thus making 194 mln. AZN. For comparison the premium income of last year was 192mln AZN. 

Along with the insurance income the payment was also increased 11.4%, thus making 75mln AZN. Last year the claim payment for the same period was 67mln AZN.

In general the market's loss ratio was increased. If last year insurance companies have paid 35AZN of each 100 AZN premium, this year it is 38AZN.

Source of information Fins.az